Vendor Contracting Processes & Resources

Learning & Employee Development/Learning Organization has negotiated several countywide contracts for services on training,
organizational development, eLearning design, and coaching.  These contracts provide:

  • Negotiated countywide vendor rates
  • Provide a vetted, qualified pool of vendors available to agencies
  • Leverage existing internal resources
  • Provide continuity of models, assessments, and approaches for use across the county

Learning & Employee Development /Learning Organization will:

  • Discuss if internal county resources are available for the request for services
  • Provide oversight of vendor work including contract spending, scope creep, and evaluation of projects
  • Facilitate vendors’ understanding of County culture, resources, and any customization to fit organizational needs
  • Evaluate vendor performance

What’s the Work Order Proposal Request (WOPR) Process?​

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    1. Initiate your request by completing the Agency Services Request form.
    2. LED will contact you to discuss the request and if the request can be completed with internal resources, or if a Work Order Proposal Request (WOPR) is needed, in which case:
      1. LED will send you the WOPR form and assist in form completion
      2. Once WOPR proposals are returned by vendors, LED will partner with you to:
        1. Review the proposals
        2. Interview vendors (if desired)
        3. Complete evaluation of proposals
        4. Select a vendor
        5. Create Statement of Work and Ariba purchase request (your Agency Fiscal Office initiates a purchase request in Ariba for services)

    ​Work Order Proposal Request (WOPR) Process flowchart

    This Work Order Proposal Request (WOPR) Process flowchart​ shows the more detailed process for procuring an external vendor (trainer, organizational development consultant, coach, or eLearning designer) that has a contract established with Learning & Employee Development (LED).​


    WOPR Purchase Requisition and Payment Process​ provides a quick reference guide on the steps needs to set up payments for external vendors.  If your Agency is part of HHS, you’ll want to refer to the WOPR Purchase Requisition and Payment Process for HHS Agencies​


    • ​Plan on 2 months from initial request to contracted vendor. 
    • Agencies pay for vendor services.

    Ready to request services?  Initiate an Agency Service Request 

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