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Starting a new job is always a little exciting but can also cause a little anxiety. No worries, we’re here to help you get started and settled in. Having said that, there are a few "orientations" you'll need to complete during this onboarding phase. 

1) Service Center Orientation
The initial Orientation provided by the Service Centers is typically where you would complete your benefits paperwork and sign lots of forms.

Click here for a list of Service Centers if you need to follow up on any information or forms received.

2) Agency/Department Orientation
This orients you to your position, your team, your department and your Agency and varies in complexity. For example, at VMC employees learn about HIPAA, Personal Protective Equipment and other mandated requirements, while others may not be so extensive. 

If you have questions about this orientation, ask your manager.

Click here for a list handy resources for new employees.

3) County Orientation
The New Employee Orientation web-based training will provide you with an introduction to the County, as well as information about the programs and services available to you and how to connect with each when needed. All new County employees are required to complete this orientation.

Click here to begin Welcome to the County (only available for County Employees to register in sccLearn).

Additional information about the County Orientation

The New Employee Orientation web-based training is in addition to any orientation sessions you may have completed with your Service Centers and Agencies.  The orientation is assigned as a certification to all new employees through sccLearn (the County's Learning Management System) as soon as they start.  It is recommended that you complete the Certification within three months of your start date. ​

As soon as you have access to a County networked computer, access sccLearn ​and look in your "Timeline" for the New Employee Orientation Certification, which should be waiting for you! Refer to the sccLearn Learner Guide on registering for the Certification​. Click here to begin Welcome to the County (only available on the County’s intranet).

Have a new employee?

Take a look at the Hiring Manager Checklist for Orienting New Employees to the County​

Have questions or need help? 

For additional information, contact [email protected].​​​

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