Training Center Frequently Asked Questions

​Are you visiting Charcot? 

  • For the first time? 
  • For a training or meeting? 
  • To host an event?

Here are some frequently asked questions so you can get the most out of your experience at the Charcot Training Center.​

    The table below compares the rooms at the Charcot Training Center.

    ​​ Room 1​​​ ​Room 2​​ Room 1&2​​​ ​Room 3​​ ​Room 4 Birch Manzanita

    Capacity at Standard Configuration​*​​

    ​56 ​32 ​88 ​24 ​28 ​10 ​10

    ​Built in projector and audio ​

    ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​


    ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​

    Video Recording Capability​ *

    Y​   Y​ Y​

    ​Microphone/ Lavalieres​

    ​2/2 2/2​ 0/1​

    ​​Assistive Listening Devices

    ​6 6​

    ​Microsoft Surface Hub *​​

    ​Mounted Monitor​​​ 2​ 2​ 1​

    * Capacity at Standard Configuration: Standard configuration for Rooms 1-4 is classroom style. Standard configuration for Birch and Manzanita is one large conference table. 

    * Video Recording Cap​ability: Use of Video Recording and related accessories must be reserved in advanced. You are required to review the LED Video Recording Quick Reference Guide and schedule an additional 30 minute session to become familiar with the system. Please bring your own 8GB-16GB USB drive for the recording to be saved to.  The USB should be formatted to FAT32. 
    If you are planning for an external company to record video for you, Room 1 has a HDMI input plate to allow connectivity of extra cameras. Please schedule a pre-event to review the room with the production company. ​

    * Microsoft Surface Hub: Users must review the LED Hub Quick Reference Guide prior to the event. If you are not familiar with the system please request extra time to become familiar with the system.​​

    The Charcot Training Center is located at: 

    2310 North First Street, Suite 102
    San Jose, CA 95131​

    The training center entrance is open for reservations Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

    Access to the training center is by arrangement only by contacting 408-993-4837.

    Room signs will indicate the current event for each room and the information kiosk lists the events for the day. There’s also a handy, interactive map on the kiosk that will guide you to your location or you can refer to this map of the training center.​

    Traffic, particularly in the morning can be heavy, so be sure and allow plenty of time. Use your navigator for recommended travel times based on where you are starting your journey

    Consider using Light Rail. The closest light rail stations are Component and Karina. Take a look at the​ to see how long it would take you. Remember, all County employees receive a Clipper card to use on Light Rail and non-express buses as part of their benefit, so it won’t cost you.  Speak with your ESA benefits/HR coordinator if you do not have a Clipper Card.

    Yes, there is plenty of parking. Park in a spot matching your parking permit. 

    • A Permit – A or C Parking and General. 
    • C Permit – C Parking and General.
    • Exempt Plate – E Parking, C Parking, and General.
    • No Permit – General Parking and limited time in Visitor Parking
    • Extra help employees should park in General Parking.


    • Visitor and Handicap parking is strictly enforced.
    • General parking is for day use only. No overnight parking is permitted. 
    • Visitor parking is only for three (3) hours. 
    • County policy is to pull into parking spots. Backing in to spots or double parking can result in tickets. 

    Yes, this map of the training center indicates the location.  LED staff can badge you into the hallway leading to the room.  A schedule is located on the room door, if you would like to reserve a spot in advance. Contact Kim Kiefel with any questions​.

    While there is no cafeteria, there are vending machines with snacks and bottled beverages in the break room immediately to your right as you enter the building. There are no coffee services. Water fountains are available near the restrooms.
    If your event includes a lunch period, a listing of nearby options​​ is available in each room, with some being a ten-minute walk from Charcot. If you bring food, there is a small, public refrigerator and microwave in the break room.​ 
    Trash, recycle and compost bins are located in the break room. 

    Yes, you can bring food and drinks into the rooms, please bring your own utensils and cups.  

    Please leave the rooms a little tidier/cleaner than when you find them. Help us maintain a clean and healthy environment by removing all items you no longer need. 

    To assist in vector control, the compost, recycle and trash containers are all in the break room (the last room on your left as you exit the building). There are no waste containers in the training or conference rooms. 

    For your comfort dress in layers. A light jacket or sweater is advisable year-round. The room temperature may vary throughout the day as the temperature controls are not in the classrooms.​

    Should you leave something behind, contact us​ and we will let you know if we have it in our lost and found.

    The week before your event, review your Usage Agreement and verify all your requirements remain the same. Contact us if there are any additions or deletions. This is particularly important for attendance size, equipment required or room configuration changes.

    • Review the Set-up Guide to understand your roles and responsibilities​
    • If you need access outside the times the Center is normally open Monday through Friday, be sure to arrange access in advance.
    • If the room is still locked when you arrive, go to the Suite 102 doors and press the bell button. An employee will assist you.
    • Note the room set-up when you enter your room. Unless told otherwise when you arrive, you are expected to return the room to this configuration before you leave.
    • Let us know when you are leaving. It helps us to retrieve equipment and lock rooms as needed.
    • Be considerate of the next room users. Please clean the white boards (supplies are provided in each room), and be sure to remove all materials and personal items before you leave the room at the end of your session. 
    • All compost, recycle and trash containers are in the break room located on your left just as you leave the building. 
    • LED has a lost and found, if you find something left behind by a participant.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For additional information, contact [email protected].​​​​​​

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