Charcot Training Center

The Charcot Training Center is located at: 

2310 North First Street, Suite 102
San Jose, CA 95131

The Center consists of 4 training rooms and 2 meeting rooms.  ​Select image to view enlarged photo.

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    Standard configuration for Rooms 1-4 is classroom style. Standard configuration for Birch and Manzanita is one large conference table.

    Use of Video Recording and related accessories must be reserved in advanced. You are required to review the LED Video Recording Quick Reference Guide and schedule an additional 30 minute session to become familiar with the system. P​lease bring your own 8GB-16GB USB drive for the recording to be saved to. The USB should be formatted to FAT32. 
    If you are planning for an external company to record video for you, Room 1 has a HDMI input plate to allow connectivity of extra cameras. Please schedule a pre-event to review the room with the production company. 

    Users must review the LED Hub Quick Reference Guide prior to the event. If you are not familiar with the system please request extra time to become familiar with the system.​

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​For additional information, contact [email protected].​​​​​​

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